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Reception Classes

Our Reception classes are taught by Miss James & Mrs. Thomson (job share) and Mr. Duncan.

The classes are supported by Mrs. Lusty and Mrs. Turner. 

Mr. Smith also teaches the children on Fridays whilst the teachers have dedicated time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). The children enjoy a morning of sport, P.E. and outdoor learning activities. 

Current Curriculum Map 

Dinosaurs! Term 3, Spring 2018

Scaling the heights

Well, here we are, in a brand new year and the reception children’s learning has roared back into life with our new topic on Dinosaurs. Unsurprisingly, the children are loving the topic; what’s not to love about giant lizards rampaging across the Earth? And, as always, while the children think they are having fun, they are actually learning so much in the process. So far, in maths, the children have learnt about doubling, and how to break down one number in lots of different ways. They have been sharpening their writing skills by co-creating stories about dinosaurs and then writing them, and labelling the features of dinosaurs. Next week, we will be looking at non-fiction books and each child will get the chance to write a dinosaur fact on the computers to share with the class.

Also next week, the children will be creating their own 3D dinosaurs from junk model materials. They have already created their own personal binoculars, which they used on our dinosaur hunt at the start of term. On this day, they had to become intrepid dinosaur detectives to work out which cheeky reptile had rampaged through Mr Duncan’s classroom and made a right mess of it.

Your child might also have mentioned the Rainbow Challenge, whereby the children complete six different tasks each week to earn six different lolly sticks. On Friday afternoon, they are rewarded with a surprise.

In conclusion, the topic is really inspiring and the children and the staff alike. And, while dinosaurs may be famous for their tiny brains, the Eastrop reception children’s brains are expanding with exciting new skills every week.

Starting School 2017 - a thought from Mr. Duncan 


Starting School 


September is a poignant time for parents of four- and five-year-olds. It is hard not to swallow back a gulp of emotion as we watch our children take their first steps into the wider world. At Eastrop, we are delighted to report that this year’s cohort of Early Years children have settled fantastically into the school, and are already adjusting to the new routines, forming wonderful friendships and getting stuck into some amazing learning as they engage with the flow of the daily activities in the classroom.
And what exciting and varied activities they have been. The Early Years children joined in with the whole-school project on Roald Dahl by reading the hilarious poem, Crocky-Wock. Inspired by this, the children have become artists, collaborating to create large Crocky-Wock collages in both classes; they have become intrepid crocodile dentists, putting their burgeoning maths skills to the test to work out how many teeth Crocky-Wock has before and after he eats his caramel and butterscotch; and they have even become authors, working together to create thrilling stories about the day Crocky-Wock came to Eastrop!
The children have already got to grips with phonics with aplomb, are taking books home to share with their parents and, as I write this, Mr Smith is turning the chilldren into witches and wizards as they learn throwing, catching and spatial awareness skills through the medium of magic in PE.
So, September is indeed a time of big change in the life of a young child and their parents, but here at Eastrop, we believe in making those changes as exciting as possible as the children begin the big adventure of life.

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Going Wild

Eastrop Infant School’s reception children enjoy a growing fascination with nature at Cotswold Wildlife Park

There is much to love about the reception year at Eastrop Infant School. There are pirate treasure hunts and even a first-class trip to Spain (well… virtually). However, the action-packed visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park is often the most talked-about.

This year’s trip was, as ever, a triumph. The children were entranced by the porcupines (or ‘porkypines’ as some of the budding Attenboroughs called them) and their little ‘hairbrush babies’; they were awed by the regal lions; spellbound by the enigmatic clouded leopard; and rooted to the spot by the spectacle of the rampaging rhinos. They were amused by the mischievous meerkets, the sleepy-eyed giraffes, the sociable lemurs (‘no, we can’t take one home’), the vocal monkeys and the shuffling penguins. Meanwhile, they watched the bats, snakes and other reptiles with hushed reverence (or the closest you will ever get to hushed reverence in the Early Years environment). All day long, you could see majestic herds of yellow-capped Eastrop children scurrying around the park in an enthusiastic frenzy of fascinated learning.

The trip, which this year fell on 16th May, represents the culmination of Term 5’s topic on Growing, during which the children have been learning how plants and animals grow and what they need to do so. In this topic, we have been typing up poetic descriptions of flowers on the computer, kept bean-growing diaries, become reptile-house keepers to learn about capacity and become investigative scientists to learn what habitats woodlice love most.

In the classroom, the day after the trip to Costwold Wildlife Park, we put our fantastic experiences to great use – using our memories of the train ride to plot the key features on a map of the park, and writing recounts of our day’s adventures, including the many exciting things we’ve done, seen and experienced.

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