• Thanks to everyone who joined us for the family picnic and sports morning. What a fabulous day we all had!

Reception Classes

Our Reception classes are taught by Miss James & Mrs. Thomson (job share) and Mr. Duncan.

The classes are supported by Mrs. Lusty and Mrs. Turner. 

Mr. Smith also teaches the children on Fridays whilst the teachers have dedicated time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). The children enjoy a morning of sport, P.E. and outdoor learning activities. 

Current Curriculum Map 

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Police academy

Eastrop Infant School’s reception children reach out to the long arm of the law and are handed a policing masterclass.

The Early Years classes at Eastrop Infant School received a surprise special guest this month when a policeman came a-knocking. Fear not, no crime had been committed. As part of this term’s topic on ‘People Who Help Us’, the school has invited adults to come in and talk to the children about their jobs. And, appropriately enough, it was local policeman, PC Howell, who responded to the call fastest.

PC Howell joined the children after lunch on a Thursday recently, and wowed them for the entire afternoon. He showed them a bag full of various police hats, helmets, vests and jackets, which they were allowed to try on. He then gave the awed children a talk about his job, with some brilliant top tips about what to do if they ever got lost. The children of Eastrop got a shout-out on the nationwide police radio from the Birmingham control centre and were then shown PC Howell’s police car. Each child had the chance to sit in the car and activate the sirens; and when you are four or five years old, is there really anything more exciting than that!

We had such a fun afternoon. I liked seeing the police car and
making the siren work! - Theola

And, just as the afternoon couldn’t get any better, PC Howell arrested learning support assistant, Mrs Lusty, and the children got to clap her in handcuffs. She was subsequently released early for good behaviour (and because she had to get the snack ready for the next day). The children had a thoroughly fantastic time and the school is very grateful to PC Howell.

CSI Eastrop

The Early Years children at Eastrop Infant School returned after bank holiday to find their classroom had been the site of a fiendish crime! Fear not; it was all in the name of education.

After a gloriously sunny bank holiday, the early years children returned to Eastrop on the Tuesday in high spirits. However, their curiosity and intrigue were piqued by a mysterious crime scene in Mr Duncan’s class and, over the day, a dastardly plot was discovered.

Over the course of the week, the children have been using all their powers of investigation. Along the way, the grown-ups in the class have helped the children unpick the riddles by showing them how they can use their writing and maths skills to solve the mystery and retrieve the television that was stolen.

This is the latest learning-and-fun-packed week in our term’s topic on People Who Help Us, and we have been looking at how the emergency services could assist us in solving the mystery. Mr Duncan came racing in as the firefighter who quelled the flames, Mrs Thomson was the doctor who made the injured teddy feel better and student teacher Miss Allen donned her police hat to lead the children in discovering who had committed the crime.

The children are also eagerly rehearsing their assembly, where they will get the opportunity to share with parents and carers all the things they have learnt this term. The assembly takes place on Friday 18th May at 9.30am.