• Eastrop open days for parents of children starting school in Sept' 19 are on 22/10 & 27/11 at 9.30a.m. Please call 763772 to book a place with the school office.

Science at Eastrop

Our Science Leader is Miss Ayres.

Our Vision for Science

Through a practical and enjoyable curriculum, Eastrop looks to inspire and excite our children, feeding their thirst for knowledge. Science at Eastrop promotes and develops transferable skills; such as observation, communication, collaboration and enquiry through real life contexts.

Our children are encouraged to have an enquiring mind, to ask questions and be questioned. In science, we will inspire our children by giving them the opportunities to pursue their natural curiosity. Through child led investigations, we hope to promote the experience of exploring and investigating scientific concepts in a range of contexts, as the children continually investigate and understand the world around them.

Our children are encouraged to take risks, experiment, reflect, make and learn from misconceptions, in a safe environment where they acquire and apply core skills to equip them for an ever-changing world.



Our Science Principles

Click here to read about the Core Principles that underpin our science lessons at Eastrop.


Calendar of Events

Click here to see an overview of Science events happening across the school this year. 

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Science Week!


 Science at home

Why not try some of these experiments at home!

Science Experiments At Home.pdf