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PE and Sport at Eastrop

Our PE and Sports Leader is Miss Vardy.

Our Vision for PE at Eastrop

At Eastrop Infant School every child will experience a board and varied Physical Education programme to enrich their attitudes and exposure to sport. We believe that Physical Education should allow children to develop a positive state of mind, a good understanding of health and fitness, confidence and self-belief in their abilities and a resilience to challenge.

Every child is taught to develop their skills in PE through the Create REAL PE Programme and the National Curriculum (2014) programme for PE and Sports. This ensures that all pupils develop the fundamental skills and competence to excel in a wide range of physical activities. Throughout the week, we aim to provide two hours of high-quality physical education, which involves outdoor games skills as well as indoor gymnastics or dance. 

During the academic year, the children are also encouraged to represent the school in a range of tournaments, competitions and festivals. 



Our approach to teaching Physical Education aims to promote a life-long love of physical activity where all children become active learners both inside and outside the classroom.  We believe that the child centred approach of REAL PE compliments our vision and approaches for how we teach PE so that every child can be challenged and supported.  

Real PE provides fun Schemes of Work to deliver outstanding PE lessons to all children. It is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.

Every week the children receive A 45 minute to 1 hour lesson of Real PE by Mr Smith. 

Click the link below to find out more information about the Real PE scheme. 

Create Real PE  

Progression of Skills 

We have created progression of skills document to show how the teaching of PE and Sport changes and evolves from Nursery to the end of KS1 (ages 2-7)

Please click this link to see our progression document for PE and Sport. 

Please click this link to read our PE and Sports Policy. 

Sports Week 

In addition to our weekly PE lessons, every year the children participate in an annual Sports Week where we provide a series of exciting opportunities for children to experience a wide range of sports. Some sports we offer include: Boogie Bounce, Bollywood Dancing, orienteering, theatre performance, martial arts and visits from inspirational speakers such as Olympians or individuals who have challenged themselves against all odds to achieve in sport. In the summer term we also have an inclusive sports day where children take part in traditional sports day races.




Festivals and Competitions 

March 2022 - FORTIUS Swindon Dance Festival

In March this year the children of Eastrop were given the opportunity to take part in the Swindon Dance Festival. 19 children were chosen to represent our school from Year 1 and 2. The children learnt a dance routine for the song 'Friend like Me' from the film Aladdin. 

For some of the children this was the first time they have ever danced or performed on a stage. They performed confidently to a full theatre and had lots of fun too.