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Reception Class 

Our Reception children are taught by Mrs. Mundy, Mrs. Wright, and Mrs. Mitchell.

We work as one big class across the Reception unit and are called, 'Rabbits.'

The children are also supported in class by our Learning Support Assistants,    Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Payne and Mrs. Peart.

Mr. Smith teaches the children whilst the teachers have dedicated time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). During this time, the children enjoy sport, P.E. and outdoor learning activities. 

School life in Reception 2020

We would love to be able to invite parents into school to see the magic that happens, but sadly we are unable to at the moment. Instead, we have put together this Power Point which tells you all about Reception and what happens.

Current Curriculum Map 

Please click this link to view our curriculum map. 

Welcome to our classroom ….


Some of our provision in action ...








Our EYFS set up ....

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Physical, water and explorative play ....

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Constructing time ....

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Mark making and creative....

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