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Our branded school uniform is available to order through YourSchoolUniform 

Alternatively, unbranded clothing is perfectly acceptable. 

Our school uniform is a royal blue jumper/cardigan with a navy polo shirt and grey bottoms (skirt, pinafore dress or shorts/trousers).

Socks/tights must be grey, black or white and shoes must be black. No trainers or boots please.



Summer Uniform

In the Summer, children may choose to wear grey shorts instead of trousers. Royal blue/white gingham summer dresses can be worn too. School shoes must also be worn (no sandals please). Shoes are safer than sandals when running and when using large pieces of equipment such as rolling tyres.



PE Kit

Our PE kit is a plain white t-shirt and black shorts. In colder weather children may wear plain black tracksuit bottoms and a plain black jumper/hoodie or their school jumper. Trainers should also be worn. We do not recommend daps/plimsolls as these are less suitable for outdoors.



Nursery Uniform

Children should wear navy polo-shirts and dark coloured bottoms. We recommend leggings or jogging bottoms so that children can be as independent as possible with their toileting.

Please open the following link to view the online store from which you can buy branded itemsEastrop Infant School & Nursery (yourschooluniform.com)


Jewellery and hair accessories

The only jewellery that should be worn are stud earrings. Other jewellery such as bracelets, rings and necklaces should not be worn unless for religious reasons.

We strongly recommend that long hair (shoulder length or longer) is tied back. This stops it getting in the way when children are playing/learning.

Hair accessories should be small in size and in keeping with our school colours. Large Jo-jo type bows should not be worn.




Pre-loved Uniform Shop

This is a free service offering free uniform. It is a great way of saving money and helping the environment! 

How is works

If you would like to use this service, please email admin@eastrop-inf.swindon.sch.uk to request your items, e.g. cardigan, size 5-6yrs.

We will then 'pick and pack' your order, matching it as closely to your requirements as we can from the items we have in stock. All uniform will be fresh and washed with old name tags removed.

The items will be passed to you via school staff.

Whether you need support with uniform for financial reasons or because you want to be environmentally friendly and re-use uniform- this scheme is for you!