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Year 1 Classes

Our Year 1 classes are taught by Mrs Price and Mr. Mazonowicz (Mr. Maz!) 

The two classes are called Hedgehogs and Squirrels. 

The classes are supported by Miss Luker and Mrs. Turner.   

Mr. Smith teaches the children whilst the teachers have dedicated time for planning, preparation and assessment (PPA). The children enjoy an afternoon of sport, P.E. and Forest Schools activities on a Thursday. 

School Life in Year 1 2020/21

Please click this link to read through a power point containing lots of information about what life in Year 1 is like at the moment, topics and timetables for the year, subject information and much more. 

Current Curriculum Map

Please click this link to read our curriculum map; Term 1: Good To Be Me!  

Please click this link to read our current curriculum map; Term 2: Toy Story

Please click this link to read our curriculum map: Term 3: Get Your Wellies On!

Please click this link to read our curriculum map: Term 4: Frozen Planet

Please click this link to read our curriculum map: Term 5: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Please click this link to read our curriculum map: Term 6: Veggie's Assemble!

Continuous Provision and Outdoor Learning

This year, Year 1 will be looking at embedding continuous provision and outdoor learning into all aspects of their learning and development. This is a broad term that includes discovery, experimentation, learning about connecting to the natural world, and engaging with child led learning opportunities. 

The children are able to learn and develop through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that involves the transformation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors through the direct engagement of different environments for the personal and social benefit of the children, 

The children call this time their 'Over To You' Time where they get to further their learning through child-led activities. We will be introducing a special independent learning book soon for all the children's 'Magic Moments' whereby they can add to their own learning journey in real time by writing, taking and printing pictures and trimming down activities to add to their portfolio. 


How can I help my child in Year 1?

Reading and Phonics

Reading every night can have huge benefits for your child across a wide spectrum of learning strands. It can support the blending and segmenting of phonetic words and help boost a growing vocabulary. In turn, this can influence your child's writing style as they will start experimenting with new language they have read and spell words correctly more frequently in their writing. It is no secret that the best writers are also the most avid readers.

Being a competent reader will also help children access a full and broad curriculum independently. They won't be hindered by being unable to read posters, working walls, instructions, worksheets or fact files etc.

Ideally, children should be heard read every day, but as we all know this isn't always possible so we recommend at least 4x per week. It doesn't always have to be the book sent home, it can be any story, comic, book, magazine your child chooses. It is also important that children hear and see others read too to help promote and develop a love of reading. 

Please click this link for support with phonic sounds for Phases 2, 3 and 5. 



Please click this link to view all the Common Exception Words the children will be learning how to read and spell during Year 1. You can practice these anytime at home as either part of your reading or when doing a writing activity. 



Please click this link to view how to form upper and lower case block letters looking at which letters have ascenders and descenders.

Letter formation can be supported by building up the fine motor muscles and dexterity of fingers. It doesn't always have to be writing. It can be mark making in cornflower or shaving foam, making them out of playdough or following the shape of the letter in the air, as a few example activities. 



Please click this link to view how we will be teaching the children to form numbers correctly in Year 1.  

To see what will be taught in Maths each week, please have a look at the Maths page for the yearly overview. This will explain what skills we are teaching the children each week and to give you ideas of how you could revise this at home. 

Maths should always be practical and pictorial before looking at the abstract in Year 1. It should be filled with lots of opportunities for the children to explain what they notice, why it's right/wrong and explain their thinking.

Term 1 - Good to be Me!

 This term our topic has been all about me. We have learnt lots about the children and what their favourite things are. We have discovered the human body in Science; focusing on the names of body parts and our 5 senses.


For our PSHE, Art and Writing we have explored the story 'The Colour Monster' creating emotions bottles and monster puppets using a variety of different materials. Our writing looked at the use of adjectives to describe how we feel and what the Colour Monster looks like. 


We also learn how to sketch using a pencil and created our first exciting piece of work in our brand new sketch pads. As a class we discussed what we had done looking at things we had done well and ways to improve further. 


Term 2 - Toy Story

This term we will be looking at the history of toys and how they have changed over the course of the last 100 years. This will include looking at materials and their properties, creating chronological timelines and creating our own new line of toys ready for Christmas!

Term 3 - Get Your Wellies On!

This term lots of us have been remoting learning. We have been attending our zoom Registration and Phonics sessions. Once done, we then follow our school timetable and complete our Maths and English using the videos available online.


In the afternoon sessions we have been completing Pick and Mix sheets giving the children 'Over to You' time to be independent learners. The children have done an incredible job with their remote learning and we are very proud of them 


Term 4 - Frozen Planet

This term we looked at Antarctica and the doomed expedition of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The first two weeks we continued remote learning before spending the last four weeks getting used to the school environment once more. We had a new exciting outdoor area to learn and explore in as well as new resources to engage us in our independent learning.

Term 5 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle