Eastrop Infant School

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Eastrop's Super Six

At Eastrop, we  recognise the importance of celebrating what is going well but also the need to keep improving and learning from our ourselves and each other. As our vision states, we will do this by

  • Support children and adults to become aspirational, life-long learners
  • Sharing successes and helping each other to realise that learning has no limits

We are keen to recognise and celebrate what is working well for the pupils and staff at Eastrop, as well as sharing our next steps to help us on our journey to become a beacon of educational excellence.

These Super Six are a celebration of what is working well across our provision. They also explain what our next steps are.

Please have a read and see for yourself how we live out or vision at Eastrop.


School Effectiveness Review - 11.07.23

GLT Director of Education visit- 22.11.22

Mobius Maths Hub- 17.11.22

GLT Director of Education visit- 24.06.22

Mental Health & Wellbeing - 10.06.22

GLT Directors' Exploration Day- 17.05.22

 Early Years Consultant Visit- 13.05.2022