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Our School Council

Mr Mazonowicz is our School Council leader and supports the School Council members from across our school who make up this very important group. 

An important way in which the children learn about democracy and the rule of law, two out of four of the fundamental British values, is by electing children from their class to represent them.

At the start of the school year, the children are encouraged to think about the qualities of an effective school council representative. The children's teachers ask them to work together to hold an election, cast their votes and choose two children from each class to be part of Eastrop’s School Council.

Our newly elected School Council members for 2023-2024 are:

Snow Rabbits:

Desert Rabbits:



As School Council representatives, the children will work together to be the 'collective voice' of Eastrop Infants, putting across their opinions and ideas, and discussing any important issues that arise throughout the year. They will also get the opportunity to cast a vote to make decisions that may affect the children of the school.

Meetings take place regularly throughout the year to address any issues that need discussion, or to take ideas on how school life could be improved from the view-point of the pupils.