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Reception - Dragonflies & Bumblebees

Wb 18th May & 1st June - How to Catch a Star -Reception

Click here for the Home Learning Map for Reception

This week our home learning book is How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

This story can be found here

Links and Examples

Please click the links in blue below to take you to the websites listed on the reception home learning map and see the screen shots of the given websites. The Early Years team and I have loved looking through the activities and successes you have shared with us on Tapestry and will look forward to seeing your 'How to Catch a Star' uploads over the next fortnight.

Best wishes,

Mrs Higgins and the Early Years team :-)


Outside challenge

Nocturnal (night time) and diurnal (day time) animals

On a walk we heard birds tweeting, cows mooing and dogs barking. We saw lots of different types of birds (including a buzzard and a red kite), cows, dogs, butterflies, a worm, lots of bees and a very large beetle!

How many animals could you see and hear? 


Topic based activities

Have you ever tried star gazing? Have a listen to this podcast about star gazing.

There are lots of fun puzzles and craft activities to complete on this website:



Moon Rocks: Try covering stones or other objects in your home to create moon rocks.

We had great fun trying this out!

If you have a few extra bits in at home, you could try something a little more adventurous:


DIY Moon Rocks | Kids Activity | Kids Craft | Space Activity


Maybe you will find your own way of making moon rocks :-) 


Letters and Sounds activities

'ar' digraph

Tricky word bingo


Maths activities

Zoom zoom zoom song 

'Blast off!' maths game

 We had a go at playing our own game of hopscotch. We didn't have a beanbag so used a small soft toy instead!

Physical challenges

Andy's Wild Workouts- Night time


Cosmic Yoga- Star wars