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Special Needs Offer

Eastrop’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCo) is Mrs. O'Sullivan, our Assistant Head Teacher, who is responsible for co-coordinating the day to day provision of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our link governor is Kate Mackenzie.

Eastrop's Special Needs Information Report

Please click this link to read our SEN Information report.

All children have an entitlement to be taught a broad and balanced curriculum. For children with SEND we provide an additional level of support and differentiation according to identified needs.

We ensure children with additional needs have access to all activities with appropriate support as required. This may include support for cognition and learning; speech and language; social communication and interaction; social, emotional and mental health; and physical and/or sensory needs. We assess children when they start at Eastrop and regularly during their time with us to ensure that we are identifying any additional needs as they arise.

A child with SEND has an individual education plan called ‘My Profile and Progress Plan’ in which we collaboratively set specific targets and resources with parents. When external professionals such as speech and language therapists, educational psychologists or doctors are involved, they are also invited to contribute and this may be used to contribute towards a more complex Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP).

At Eastrop, the Academy Committee and staff are committed to early intervention and support for pupils with SEND. In order to achieve this, governors:

  • Ensure that the school has an SEND policy and review it on a regular basis
  • Expect staff to identify children with SEND and monitor their progress carefully
  • Ensure appropriate staffing and training where finances permit
  • Appoint a governor responsible for SEND
  • Ensure that pupils with SEND are fully integrated and not discriminated against

 Staff know their pupils well. Effective and strong pastoral support enables all pupils with SEND to succeed. Careful identification of needs ensures effective support is put in place. As a result, pupils with SEND learn the same curriculum as their peers.

Ofsted, July 2022