Eastrop Infant School

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Head teacher's Welcome

Eastrop is a forward-thinking, infant academy nestled in Highworth, on the border of Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, for children aged between 2 and 7. 

We believe that learning has no limits and do our best to make sure that every day is outstanding for every child who attends our school. Our vision is absolutely clear: we will be recognised nationally and locally as a beacon of educational excellence - a little school that thinks BIG! 

The staff, specialists in the early years, keep the children at the centre of their work and decision making. The strong leadership demonstrated in part by the revision of the school vision is impressive.

Feedback from a parent

Eastrop provides just under 200 children with an exciting environment in which they grow and develop by learning lots and making great friends. We are very well supported by an active P.T.A. and parents who are overwhelmingly positive about our school. Alongside our ambitious and highly effective Academy Committee, we have an unwavering desire for the children to receive the very best, all-round education so that they are confident, independent and ready to take their next steps when they leave us at the end of Year 2.

Leaders and staff are ambitious for what pupils can achieve. Adults have created an ethos of teamwork in the school. They are proud to work at the school Staff appreciate how leaders support their we l l being and continuing development .

Ofsted, July 2022

Our website has been designed to provide as much information as we can to show the world how our school works. As our school grows and changes, our website will do the same. We really hope that you enjoy learning about our school as you click through and explore our pages. If you are a prospective family and you’d like to see Eastrop in action, please give us a call to make an appointment as we’d be very pleased to show you around.

With best wishes and thanks for visiting,

Melanie James | Head teacher